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Norway Grants



Project promoter: Elkat spolka cywilna, Katarzyna Rdest, Janusz Rdest

Project number: PL18-0008

Target group(s): Entrepreneurs, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME),

Initial project cost: € 505,000

From Norway Grants: € 210,000

Programme Area: Green Industry Innovation



Programme Operator:

Innovation Norway

The purpose of the Project:

Investment in solar energy equipment, closed – circuit water cooling system with underground water reservoirs for the production hall. Launching of new green product: solar lamp.

Expected Project outputs:

-  production of solar powered PV lamp

- covering production halls with PV panels and the installation of closed – circuit water cooling system

- creation of one new „green” job

Project summary

Elkat is a manufacturer of an insulated low power distribution rails. The project consists of two parts: first assumes introducing the solar lamp, a new product for consumer market in Poland innovative design and higher quality.

The investment will also lead to the greening of the company - through the installation of a photovoltaic system and a water closed circuit cooling system.

Both innovations will significantly affect the greening of the manufacturing process; moreover, an energy management system will be implemented to ensure an optimal level of energy consumption.

Project objectives: • Introducing a green product on the market - the solar lamp • Changing the current company manufacturing approach via the introduction of environmentally friendly processes • Optimizing energy consumption Outcome indicators: • Number of environmental technologies successfully adapted for use in new areas – 2 • Green jobs created – 1 new green job • Reduction in CO2 emissions – 131 tons/year.

The Company has announced the market launch of PV lamp in Q4 2017, whereas the detailed technical data of the lamps will disclosed soon.

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