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An innovative lamp powered by photovoltaic (PV) panel , which can operated effectively also in winter conditions!

The lamp was designed byElkat experts, whereas R&D efforts were partly financedwith funds from the Norway Grants.

The lamp was designed to cope in adverse weather conditions at our latitude, is able to generate light with overcast even for seven days and nights!

The lamp is equipped with two light sources: LED ring with a gleam with the radius of 15-20 m, with the brightness corresponding to a 100W light bulb and directional light, which additionally illuminates the surroundings if movement has been detected.

Smart energy management system

The smart system forecasts energy consumption and adjusts illumination parameters to the battery charging status. In case of adverse weather conditions the lamp goes into standby mode and emits light for another 2 weeks using only LED ring, with minimum charging by the installed PV panel.

Resistance to winter conditions

The photovoltaic panel was installed with a view to winter conditions, which prevents snow accumulation.
The batteries are located behind panel, which facilitates their installation compared to other solar lamps offered in the marketplace where batteries have to be located underground.
Batteries are hidden in specially designed boxes, protected with thermal insulation foam with low heat transfer rate. The lamp is equipped with the latest generation LED diodes.

The lamp is also available in a version with light colour change controlled by a mobile application.

Application and Design

The solar lamp may be used to illuminate streets, parks, gardens or also promenades.
The lamp's unquestionable strength is its design – the lamp stands out because of the illumination ring and a single PV panel, which give an impression of light design and cause minimum landscape distortion. The lamp may be located on the posts with the maximum height of eight meters. The lamp does not require special maintenance, nor cleaning. The expected lamp service life is even 15-20 years!

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