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Paweł Niedbała

tel. +48 730 517 977
e-mail; pawel.niedbala@elkatelektro.pl

Ordering Department

e-mail; zamowienia@elkatelektro.pl


We want to set an example

Probably very few people know that the manufacturer of the equipment that we all have in the household's current switching station, viz. Elkat S.C, has its registered office at the place of Chrzanów Duży. Even less people realize that this local company is the largest manufacturer of insulated busbars in Poland.

From the onset of its activities the Company has pursued business philosophy based on the utmost care for the quality of its products and for the user safety, and also responsibility for the environment and its personnel.

In 2014 Elkat S.C. participated successfully in the competition organised by the Norway Grants, and as a consequence it raised funds for environment-friendly solutions in manufacturing processes.

The obtained grant financing enabled the Company to build the production room and to apply the most modern solutions allowing to reduce water consumption. Thanks to the heat exchanger located under the floor of the production room the machinery cooling process is supported by the natural … chill of the Earth.

To execute the project the Company uses both what we have under our feet and what we have above our heads. The roof of production room is covered with photovoltaic panels that represent a unique power plants, which thanks to its capability of energy balancing will most probably fully meet plant demand for energy, reducing at the same time the air emissions of harmful gases including carbon dioxide by as much as 32 tonnes per year!

– Further Company development provides for even higher energy consumption control, for the reduction of the consumption of fossil fuels through energy efficient planning of heating, and also adherence to the highest production waste recycling standards. We want to set an example to others and be even more responsible for the natural environment and our personnel – said Janusz Rdest, CEO of the Company during press conference held on 21 June.
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